Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ron Asbill’s Post

When dealing with a charity that is as visual as the automotive industry I found the most appealing types to be event brochures that allowed me to go and see what their organization was actually doing in my community.  I looked at several types of brochure formats and found that more information that could be included along with the text seemed to appeal to and keep the attention of those prospective clients like myself engaged.  While design and text are the fundamental ingredients to any successful brochure idea, image content or deliberately placed key words are what draw those reluctant individuals to your brochure.  My example would be a simple statement that I found while doing my research for our brochure topic that navigated me toward the creator’s web page. Even though I loathed the statement and belief of the creator, I was amazed at how I was drawn to his product page. This is the same principle I believe we are attempting to incorporate into our brochures. The image below is a standard calendar that to me has very little appeal to anyone that would be walking by a display of brochures. 

While seemingly just a calendar this is actually a brochure example I found on the web. This style incorporated a bi-fold design with a retro feel towards classic cars and a feel of cruising around the town. The next example is a fantastic design that caught my eye and actaually caused me to look at their product.

When I considered this as a project brochure I wanted to incorporate this feel of imagery coupled with the information of a product that I was wanting to draw attention to and raise money for. In order to do that I needed to base the information, or text part of my project on a design that I felt was interesting and yet not too overwhelming. This final example is what narrowed my selection down to the final topic I chose.

A great design layout coupled with basic information and fabulous imagery content is what I feel leads to any successful brochure for any cause. I liked this layout because it had an energetic yet organized feel to it that moved around the brochure. It showcased the product and encouraged the reader to look for more information about the products offered. To me this concept is not much different from the charity brochure assignment and accomplishes the same desired effect when given a call to action or an emotional response element.

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  1. This is a great reminder that images and color is one of the most important thing for getting someone's attention. I think the last design here is particularly effective because of the way the type is clean and not too overwhelming. The colors are bright and engaging and make you want to read the type when you might not have otherwise wanted to look at it.