Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meghan Glenn’s Post

These are minute maid juice boxes. I think that they are awesome. The package design I think is great even though they are all squares and not the actual shape of the fruit that the juice is made out of, but just because they are all like that, I think it makes it ok. I don’t think these are actually for sale either, but I really wish they were, I would buy them. They are just really cute and creative. Like I said before I love that they are all squares and I love that they all have a little leaf with the name of the company on it. I really think that it was a good move to make the name of the company kind of small in comparison to the package design, because I think the design is fun enough to have people look at it for awhile, and so then they have time to find, because they like the package design, they will want to know what company it is by so they will then look for who did it. That’s what I did anyway. After looking at them for a while I wanted to know who did and with little effort I found it. Another reason why I think this works is 1. Because it is a very simple design, 2. No one has made juice boxes like this before. I know that there are lots of square shaped juice boxes but they aren’t perfectly square like these ones are. 


  1. These are cute and I like how they're very consistent from flavor to flavor. I'm not surprised that they're not on sale though; the shape of the boxes don't communicate that they're juice boxes. They could just as easily be Kleenex boxes (of course I'm sure scale in real life would prevent a mistake of that kind, but hopefully my point comes across).

  2. i think these are super cute, and they even have fun textured patterns on the boxes! but i don't think they are very conducive to drink from. only problem, and its a pretty crucial one.