Sunday, January 29, 2012

Matthew Wheeler’s Post

If you're ever needing some inspiration, or just want to admire some incredible graphic design/photography/motion graphics/etc, head over to There are posts nearly every day categorized but what type the are, such as photography or illustration. Within these posts you'll find various images, and to see the site they originated from you can (most of the time) simply click on the image. Here's a few examples of the work you can find on the site: 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

more logos

Here are some more logos for your inspiration

I really like this logo. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it works. It could looks great in color but could also be easily converted into black and white if it was needed (for cost purposes)
This shop is located in Nederland Colorado, which is a mountain town. It therefore fits to this has slightly textured outdoorsy feel and trees that would be found in this area. The logo is designed well; for it is visually pleasing and it also fits the cliental that this shop is looking for.

This logo is really very nice, and it quite the opposite of the last logo we looked at. This is a logo for Colier - sparkling wine. The logo is very simple, limited only to type. However, with their choice of type faces and layout of those type faces they create a very classy look for themselves. The star and the curve of "sparkling wine" creates a nice balance. Remember, when designing a logo it is very important to know what your company stands for, how they want to be perceived by the public. This logo shows the consumers that this is a classy sparkling wine, however, if it was designed like the last logo it would do quite the opposite.

Below I am including some more logos. Remember to consider more than just their visual appeal but also their effectiveness and whether they fit the company or not.

If you are wanting to find more inspiration you can find a lot of stuff on websites such as; (excellent packaging examples)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Logo Design

when designing logos it is always important to keep in mind who your client is, what they stand for, what they want to represent, and who their audience is. This is important, so that you are designing something that actual represents the client rather than just something that looks nice. Design is more than looking nice, it is also problem solving and coming up with the best solution in order to help your client, research is therefore very helpful as well.

Below I am including some logos that I like and why I like them

La Maison Theatre I really like this logo for the maison theater. The type is clean and simple, as well is the design and the colors compliment each other nicely. Their website explains that they are for the youth of all ages. I think that this logo gives the feeling of youth and therefore fits the company well. Further, I like the simplicity of it, it is not over designed; nice
and simple.

The Woodlands
logo is also very nicely done. The neighborhood advertises that it is the "natural neighborhood" therefore the use of a leaf and tree is very fitting. The addition of little elements such as a hat and a bird on the branches are nice additions. It also has a nice usage of negative space.

First Vine; I really like the first vine logo because it is simple and clean. It is appropriate to use a wine bottle for a wine company, and the use of type fitting nicely inside the bottle looks nice as well.

When designing logos draw out every idea that you have, even if it seems silly, sometimes your silly ideas can turn into something great. Come up with as many ideas as you can, and try your ideas at different angles, smaller, bigger, in color - do not limit your creativity.