Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jenny Redfern’s Post

I was really having trouble deciding what exactly to write about this time, so I decided to go through my room and look at the packaging and design of products I use on a regular basis.  Mostly, I found products with designs that were really boring, but a couple stood out.  Probably the one that stood out the most was the packaging and design for the tampons U by Kotex.
        I won’t go into the details of this feminine product line, but basically, their whole campaign is based on the idea of “breaking the cycle.”  U by Kotex set out to create a product that was completely different from any other tampon, and they achieved this in a couple of ways.
        One way they accomplish this is through packaging.  The box is black, a stark contrast from the pearly whites and light pastels of other brands.  Then, it uses bright, bold colors for the wrappers and actual products.  Each box has multiple colors which states that this product is far from boring.
        They also do a really good job of communicating this idea through their advertising.  The U by Kotex commercials basically make fun of other tampon commercials.  The woman in the commercial says, “Buy the same tampons as me, because I am wearing white pants and I have great hair and you wish you could be me.”  The commercial ends by saying, “Why are tampon commercials so obnoxious?” (You can watch it at
        Another part of the campaign focuses on how uncomfortable people are with talking about periods.  So, U by Kotex created advertisement to “break this cycle.”  This poster exemplifies boldness this brand has created.  It also documented and videoed a boyfriend asking customers at a store to help him pick out tampons for his girlfriend.  The results were both humorous and astonishing, but it once again captures the concept U by Kotex has created and pushed it further.
        Overall, I think U by Kotex has put together an effective campaign.  They have a strong concept and they have implemented it into every part of their design and marketing strategy. 


  1. Okay, I think this package design is great. And, all the more intriguing now that I know the background story behind the design. It definitely stands out in its industry - in a good way. It is unique and I appreciate the different approach to this common object. Love the colors and how they pop from the black background.

  2. although I am not a any means, I find this packaging attractive and "exciting". I tend to like anything black with bright poppy colors. It definitely stands out among other products that are alike. They obviously know their target audience and have a unique way of advertising.

  3. The package design for this product is very attractive, and will certainly stand out on the shelves. It fits well with the concept of standing out in the crowd, and being bold and unique. This package reflects a well-thought out design campaign and fits completely with that.