Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kellsi Spalding’s Post

I always like to look at logos because they are everywhere and such a big part of graphic design. I found this logo on logo lounge and it really stood out. I like it because it is not too busy or complex. It gets straight to the point and people can identify the company as soon as they see it. I find that there is alot of repitition in logo design and I feel like this logo does something different than what has been done before. Personally, I like the bottom image that is the fully rabit with just a few subtle elements to make it seem crazy. I think simple is better and that they have done a great job with this design.


  1. These are all really well designed logos. I don't think all three could be used for the same company, obviously, but I see how each one would work very well, depending on what the company is going for in a public image. The one on the bottom immediately caught my attention as well, but I also love the splattered paint look on the one on the right, as well as the swirl in the eye of the hare on the left. The swirl probably makes that hare look the "craziest".

  2. I don't know what the company is, so it's hard to choose one. The top right is my favorite from a purely aesthetic standpoint, simply because it plays on a theme that everyone knows in a unique way, and it does it with a fair amount of grace. The top left would probably have the most practical application, or at least I would guess this. I wonder if they could have gotten away with not even including the eye.