Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amelia Klemm’s Post

“Aaaahhhh!! It’s a GIANT ANACONDA!!!”

That is probably the reaction that this advertisement gets about 20 times per block. This is what I call EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING. It is important to remember when designing for someone, to express the feel of the client while leaving a lasting impression. Of course, it has to fit the client and not all are as exciting as this one. As fun as a giant anaconda is, it may not be appropriate for a pediatrician’s logo. We wouldn’t want people screaming while taking their children in for a check up. You know, common sense stuff.

As far as this logo goes however, it definitely is wild! Which is just right for a zoo! It especially works since it’s big, in your face, and not something one might see every day. The fact that they incorporated it into the public transportation system which millions of people see every day works for them all the more. Very awesome, so very awesome.  


  1. Love it. I completely agree with what you're saying about designing for the client. It is not about what I want to do, but first what the client needs.
    This being incorporated into the public transportation is the most engaging part to me. It's not up on a billboard or in a brochure, it is squishing THE BUS. I love it.

  2. I just love this logo because it is so eye catching. This will grab the attention of the people walking by and it will promote the zoo. A bus is getting squashed by a snake, that will get peoples attention.