Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Katrina Pohle’s Post

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works has always been a place I have loved going into.  When I was kid I used to buy all bath and body works products.  I think that they have a great company because they can relate to many groups of people.  They have special lotions, hand sanitizers, soaps and other items for children, men, and women.  Bath and Body Works knows how to appeal to people.  They use images on their products that attract attention.  Not only that but, they also have themes for different holidays.  I used a picture of Christmas themed products as an example.  Their designs that go along with different themes are great for gifts and that is what the company is all about.  I like the fact that Bath and Body Works uses fruits and other images that represent the scent on their products.  Bath and Body Works does have expensive products although, the also know how to design their products to gain interest in the public.

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  1. Bath and Body works is always fun to look around. The packaging on each item is extremely well done, and themed sections of the store always look like they "go together" well, even though each package is different. My favorite design here is the red Christmas products (on the right). The shimmer on the labels add a sense of prestige and quality, and the design itself is fun, yet still sophisticated.