Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kara Underwood’s Post

I think this brochure works perfectly for the company. From what I can tell, Ben Sen Inc. is a design company and manufacturer of furniture. If you go onto their website the photos displayed are in a square format, just like the square brochure. I think that's very nice. I also like the square format of the brochure because a lot of their furniture pieces has a square design incoporated into it, so that fits together very nicely. Another aspect I love about this brochure is that all it has on the front is the logo and then the die cut framing it. If I saw this brochure laying around, I would really want to open the brochure up to find out what the brochure is about. Then you open the brochure up, and they have a lot of white, which looks very nice and clean. They have enough text but no too much. The photos are the main focus and the product is displayed as the main focus.

Troy Rogers’ Post

This information design poster really caught my attention. I typically don’t like posters, but I am seriously considering buying one of these. They picked a very relevant topic that would interest a lot of people, and then they made a very clear and bold design that easily catches people’s attention. The colors are all very fitting for the topic since they are similar to the original Apple logo, and the information in the design is very easy to follow. Also, they were able to fit in a lot of information without it feeling cluttered. I would definitely consider this to be one of my favorite information design pieces.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The most common types of brochures are bi-fold - which results in 4 panels, and tri-fold which results in six panels. As with all other design, it is important to keep in mind your audience, who are you trying to give information to with this brochure, this should largely impact how you design. Further, with brochures it is important to use graphics of imagery to draw people in, a brochure filled with text and nothing visual pleasing will not get picked up. So think of the audience and what style will draw that audience in. They are informational but they are also interesting.

Here are some examples of brochures that I really liked and that really grabbed my attention

Monday, November 7, 2011

Danielle Schindler’s Post

I came across several different information design posters that had interesting information in it, but for some reason, the one with the ice cream caught my attention. This information design looks like a old fashion Diner Menu because of the font, the graphics, and even the color choices. But when you look closer, you see that it is a guide book to make certain frozen desserts. Something that I appreciate about this poster is the overall theme of it, and I also appreciate how the designer did not just tell you what is in each dessert, but rather, the designer made  the dessert much like a chart. They individually broke up the ingredients of each dessert so one can see that ratio of how much of one item to put into their dessert. This chart does not have any life changing information on it, but I think it is a simple, fun, and interesting way to share how to make some of peoples favorite desserts.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Charity Brochures

Charity Brochures
I find this brochure at the mission fair table at JBU, I find that often charity brochures (especially for missions) are not well designed. However, when I saw this one it immediately grabbed my attention. The information was laid out in a well designed, interesting way with colors and typographical hierarchy to help grab your attention. It has a nice use of imagery and graphic elements to help make the information more interesting and finally the pictures on the back make it more personable.
When creating brochures for charity one thing that i find to be important is pictures, pictures automatically draw people in and make the brochure more appealing. I find that often people slack when creating brochures for charities, but it really is important to make them look good, people will instantly be more drawn to the one that is well designed and therefore be more likely to donate or volunteer with that charity.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An article about type “The 8 Worst Fonts in the World”

I came across this article this morning and thought it was interesting article written by Simon Garfield, a nonfiction author, listing out the the 8 worst fonts in the world. The link to the article is below. Read it, and feel free to comment.

Also here is an interesting link to a You Tube video about the font Trajan.