Monday, August 29, 2011



“Some wonder what’s so difficult about creating a good logo. They’re small, they look easy to do, so no problem, right? When you only see the result of a designer’s efforts, the logo creation can look like it was a simple task. But it’s not. A logo takes thought and creativity, and many elements combine to make a good one.” -Harrison McLeod

The process of creating a logo is not always easy, for one must consider more than just whether the logo looks good. You must understand the purpose of your logo – who you

are designing for, what their company is about, you must research. A logo is a visual representation of what a person or company is about – it should therefore require careful consideration.

Further, it is extremely helpful to take the time to sketch out all your ideas. It does not matter if they seem stupid or generic, get all your ideas out. Fleshing out your ideas can lead to combinations of design or simply allow you to get your first ideas out of your head allowing you to move onto more designs.

Below are some examples of great logos and what makes them so good:


This logo uses negative space in order to bring attention to the pop.

MC: "This is a nice use of negative space that adds some fun to lettering. The missing 'o' and 'i' mess with your eyes and give the mark character.

RH: "A nice use of positive/negative space that has a relevance to the product. More animated bounce might help (although that is somewhat of a cliche in snack lettering). It looks somewhat formal as is. The white line clipping the c' indicates there may be even more invisible white elements to be found if we looked
more closely."

AW: "Proportional thickness defines the ring of the 'o' and the circle around the smaller dot - a sign of the designer's control over every detail of this tasty mark."

Creative firm: Turner Duckworth SanFrancisco, CA
Client: Popchips
Industry: Food

Silverhook Alaska Coffee

MC: "This illustration skillfully incorporates several images into a wonderful whole. The type is a nicely selected mix that works well together...

RH: "The colors are coffee colors, which is entirely appropriate, and the blue is a nice, harmonious counterpoint."

Creative Firm: IE Design + Communications, Hermosa Beach, CA
Client: Silverhook, Alaska Coffee
Industry: Coffee

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Welcome to the Design-Deliberation blog for JBU’s Graphic Design 2 class. I pray that this will be a fun and inspiring semester for all of us. Please remember to comment on posts on this blog at lest once a week. Below is a great quote, substitute ‘money’ for ‘grade’ and you will be well on your way to a successful class experience.

“Don’t spend too much time planning, release early and often, some things will work, others won’t, refine and move forward and above all forget the money, just make sure you love what you’re doing.”