Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jonathan Willett’s Post

While browsing, one of my favorite design sites I came across these single serving wine glasses. It is simply a plastic wine glass filled with wine and a yogurt style foil lid. The idea behind this is genius though. Even if you get a single serving bottle of wine, you still have a separate glass to deal with. This eliminates that extra step. While this may not be suitable for more formal events, it is great for sporting events, large parties, or any events where you don't want to have to keep up with bottles and having to refill glasses. Right now Wine Innovations has two different brands available, The "Italian Job," and "Le Froglet." The glass is made of PET that mimics the look, feel, and weight of an actual wine glass, so it is the perfect alternative for areas where glass is not allowed. The logos are minimal,changing the color of the label to reflect the kind of wine, trying to keep the emphasis on the wine and the package itself. This seems to me to be a great design to both reduce waste and improve convenience.

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