Friday, April 29, 2011

Rachel Doretti’s Post

Finally! Some creative wedding invitations! If I saw another half fold, filigree card I was going to scream. I love the creativity here with the typographic hierarchy and use of bold text and quirky symbols. This strictly text based design is unique especially since they used a letter press with antique type. I also really like the feature on the bottom of the card where there is perforation. That way the RSVP card does not get misplaced or left out of any card, it’s all in one. It also adds incentive to actually turn it in because it’s always right there! The elongated shape of the card is also very interesting and draws the eye downward as you read all of the logistics and details of the wedding and date. Their choice of bright oranges and red really compliment the brown paper they used. You can tell from the invitation that Abbey and Derek are a non-traditional couple that actually appreciates good design enough to spend the time and money on beautiful invitations.

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  1. Wedding invitations can be so boring and this one certainly makes me want to go to their wedding! I wish I could see pictures of the wedding looked like, because my only question in its integration. Is this type and these symbols everywhere? Cuz that would be a bit much, I think.
    But as for the perforation, it's genius.