Thursday, April 26, 2012

Caylie Foley’s Post

Fabien Barral is a designer I aspire after. His work is beautiful and beautifully done. The ornamental pieces he includes and the overall textures and watercolor looking marks have a very hand-done look which makes for an overall raw feeling while solving whatever problem he has in a unique way.
This calendar project he’s done is all class.
All of his work is worth looking at. There’s not really a project I’ve seen that’s not done well. He can serve as an inspiration for all of us.  THis is his homepage

Brian Mellema’s Post

I was looking for some inspiration and I came across this website that is full of different packaging designs, posters and a lot of other cool stuff. I really like the creative way the designs are put together and displayed in such and interesting way. I also really like the retro style that is so prevalent throughout all of the designs on this site. The entire sites really shows designs that are very intentional and are able to hold the design without a lot of distraction. What I think I like most is the creativeness of all the designs and the real vintage look of them. Check out the website

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jose Garcia’s Post

After, Todd talked about motion graphics, I look for some videos in the web, and I found this one, that is really well done, and it has a great meaning, because it is talking about creativity, and how we can stay inspired.

Talking about design, I think they made a grab job with the type, and also they have great graphics.
For me, motion graphics is important in graphic design field, because it's a new way to communicate, that is the main objective of graphic design.

Enjoy the video,

Savanna Seliga’s Post

My dream job would to be an album cover designer. They are always so fun and creative! Although, the artwork is a section of the campaign for the band, there is more of a freedom allowed with the design. I went through my iTunes and picked out some of the album covers that were my favorite. I love all of the fun shapes and colors.  I thought this was worth sharing.

Kacia Young’s Post

Ginger Root Studios is a photography studio in Wichita, KS. I discovered her when looking at some friends senior picture from High School. Her photography is beautiful and playful. She has such great Ideas for cute pictures. Also her website is beautifully designed. I love the layout and how creative it looks.

Hannah Bradford’s Post

I know we have not had any package design projects in class this semester, but I found this blog about it and thought it was worth sharing… The Dieline is a great place to look when you need inspiration for package design. With hundreds of exceptional designs, the blog can keep you occupied for hours (as it did me :) looking through all the different categories of packaging. You can read critiques on the designs from other designers, vote on ones you like, as well as share your own opinions about them.

Attached are a few photos of one package design on the blog that I particularly enjoyed. It is for a chocolate making company called “Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat” and is based in Vietnam. I think it is beautifully designed and does an exceptional job capturing the identity of the brand. You can read more about it here: Enjoy!

Sergio Arguello’s Post

Extra Resources, Typography

Thought of sharing this with everyone. This website allows you to type something in, and preview it in different typefaces. The best part is, somehow, the site is set up so that it reads the fonts installed in your computer, so it's all based on resources you already have.