Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brittany Spaulding’s Post

This is a new coffee shop down in Fayetteville called Mama Carmen's. It a coffee shop with a mission to help orphans in Guatemala. I not only admire the business side of the way they do things I also like there logo because it ties in both the business and the missional aspect of the company. I have became increasingly aware of logos this semester and have been noticing how many bad one's there are out there, but this logo I think does a good job of communicating to the customer what they are about helping & coffee. I like the color in it and the actual mark itself is pretty cool. It's a face (made to look like a child) with a coffee handle attached to it. I think that it's sleek and modern and the overall feel of it ties in really well with the coffee shop itself when you go to it. As a brand they have done a really good job because in the parenthesis you could put whatever the product your selling is and such. So not only is their coffee/tea selection is fantastic there logo is pretty great as well.

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  1. Honestly I'm not a big fan of this logo. I think it's headed in the right direction, but the shapes used on the boys face are not very convincing to me in the way they convey expression. He's looking off to the side and smirking as far as I can tell, which doesn't really convey that he needs helped, or has been helped; it's just a bit awkward. The smoke is weirdly drawn. Just in general it could be worked on more. Also the brackets don't do it for me, but that may just be a pet peeve as I see them used a bit too often. It's not unique in any way. Like I said I think this logo is headed in the right direction, just needs more work.