Friday, March 4, 2011

Zack Hersha’s Post

Amazon should keep its logo forever.

I think has a pretty neat logo. The company has been around since the dawn of the Internet; when for a brief time when was represented by a large “A” with a negative-space river through it. Around 2003 Amazon began experimenting with new logos and eventually chose the one that they continue to use today. The change was spurred from the company’s decision to set aside the bookstore identity

Compared to the ones before it, the current logo is much more appealing, but it’s not just because it’s sharper. Amazon’s logo includes a yellow arrow spanning from the “a” to “z”—they have everything from a to z. The unprecedented selection of items available on is what the company is known for. Amazon’s customers are particularly bargain shoppers looking for used and wholesale items amongst a vast selection of all kinds of merchandise. Because Amazon makes making a purchase online so easy, Amazon makes us happy, and to represent this happiness, the arrow on the logo was made to resemble a smile. The use of this universal symbol of satisfaction is recognizable from all over the globe, which is Amazon’s market.

Amazon’s logo is nice conceptually because it isn’t initially clear what’s going on in the logo but after studying it for a minute, the elements of this design are noticeable and acceptable. It’s a good corporate logo.

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  1. I love this. For almost as long as I can remember I have almost exclusively shopped on Amazon. It's one of my favorite websites, just because they have simply everything and Amazon Prime is so convenient.

    Their logo is indeed great. It's so simple, yet incorporates so many different aspects. It also works well in many different mediums. I was unsure how it would look engraved into the back of a kindle...but it came through and looks amazing! Glad you posted this bringing attention to something that most of us see every day but don't think about.