Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Elizabeth White’s Post

I stumbled upon this while scrolling through a blogging site known as Tumblr. It isn't so much a wonderfully creative graphic design that has been executed exquisitely, but an entirely simple, everyday design that has made life easier. Such a simple concept for such a simple thing: the freshness of bread is marked by the little plastic colored clip or tag on the loaf of bread. These colors are alphabetical (B, G, R, W, Y), which corresponds with the progression of the week. This was originally designed for the store stockers, so they would know what bread they should pull of the shelf. It's a fast and simple tag, which is easier to read than having to look for the marked date on the bag. Simplicity of identification. When shopping at the store you should only see two different colors (maybe three) on the shelf. But, note that Wednesday and Sunday are not included in the tagging system -- obviously those are the bakers' days off. So, when buying bread on those days you will want to grab a green or yellow tag (respectively) for the previous day's baked bread. If all the tags are the same color that probably means the company does not used this tagging system, because it is not a universal system; these companies just print the "Sell By" date, so check that. But, generally speaking, find the corresponding color to whatever day it is and you will find yourself the freshest baked bread! :D How nifty!


  1. This is so great. I love the visual simplicity of it. As someone who is very much into color, this would/will make finding bread ridiculously easy. Like you said, it's not really 'wonderfully creative graphic design,' but I think it s a great example of design somewhere one wouldn't expect it, and it certainly is designed. Kudos to whoever came up with this system!

  2. I'm not trying to say this design took a lot of effort but I really enjoy it. I understood it right away. I feel like there can't be enough simplistic designs for little things like this.