Friday, March 4, 2011

Rachel Doretti’s Post

Designers make the world a better place. This project proves that fact. A student at the NYC SVA Masters program decided to put together a project that had one purpose: to make people happy. Their given project was to see if design could touch someone’s heart. The student came up with idea to solve the mystery of how that one sock always disappears, and how the thieving culprit made amends. Their contrived character, Gene the Washing Machine, traveled around NYC laundromats to deliver single socks to the people there. He admitting to devouring innocent socks for years but wanted to make up for it by giving a sock in return. They custom designed the packaging and tagline on the sock, “I’m single and I’m all yours,” and silkscreened every package and sock.
I love this project. I think it is such a testament to how quality work can be achieved even if it’s just for the fun of it. The witty sayings on the inside of the packages show how much time and thought they put into this project. It was a stroke of genius to also use a topic that is relatable to anyone that has worn and lost a sock before. Gene, the washing machine suit that travels around NYC delivering said socks also added a personal touch and extended the storyline of the mischievous machine. It was an ingenious idea, and even better execution. The craftsmanship is impeccable and has even furthered my interest in silk-screening. These students reminded me that design isn’t always about making money and landing huge clients, sometimes it’s about making cranky New Yorkers smile while they do their laundry.


  1. This is absolutely hilarious! I lose my socks in the laundry all the time! What an ingenious way to connect with people and brighten their day. And it's inspiring for a designer too. What a good reminder that design isn't only about business, but also about making people enjoy it just for the heck of it. Makes me wonder what good ways we could put our talents to use and put some extra smiles into the lives of JBU students...

  2. That's quite the idea! I like how the put so much time and effort and talent into something purely to put a smile on someone's face. Too often I think about what art job I want to get or even how to get it, but I rarely think about just doing art for art's sake even if I don't land a job that I want. I think there's something to be learned from the people behind this sock idea.

  3. This is the best. I want a single sock to call my own. Love Amelia's musing on what JBU design students could do to brighten our fellow students day... especially since it's a time of the semester when EVERYONE seems depressed.