Friday, March 4, 2011

Katie Poteet’s Post

I think that designers who have fun, come up with the best designs. When I saw these business cards, I could tell that whoever came up with this idea was having a good time. Today, design has to be very unique in order for it to be memorable. I think these business cards do a successful job of doing this.

People like things that they can touch and interact with and the bobby pins on this business card add this element to the design. Also, as a girl who is always losing her bobby pins, this business card would draw my attention and make me want to see this hair and make-up artist.

Besides, the brilliant inclusion of the bobby pins the design is simple and sweet and to the point. I think it is easy to get carried away sometimes while designing, but this business card is a good example of a good concept executed with a clean design and the end result works really well.


  1. oh my goodness! I LOVE this too! and I love what Katie said, "I think that designers who have fun, come up with the best designs." I would completely agree with that. And this designer did do well with keeping this great concept a simple and an impacting one. Cool design, glad you came across this!

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  3. That is so cool! This would be such an awesome solution to package design as well. Having something that is interactive like that would draw in a lot of extra people and would show possible employers or clients that the person is creative and innovative. A very good concept to remember when we are designing our own business cards. Sweet.

  4. I really like this package design, its simple but fun at the same time too, its a different way to advertise.