Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rachel Pontier’s Post

Who doesn’t love food? And what is better than great food with great packaging? I’ve always been the one that loves to walk around grocery and department stores. This is not because I could ever love shopping, but simply because I like to feast my eyes on whatever well-designed packaging happens to catch my eye. One of my favorite places to go is the Whole Foods, so learning about this new package design for them is very exciting!

Whole Foods is a company that sells natural, healthy, or organic food. The company strives to support local farmers, and their vision has always been to provide high quality products that also respect the planet. However their packaging design and brand identity was weak, and really needed this overhaul.

The new package look was designed by Duffy & Partners. The company wished to celebrate the diversity of Whole Foods items, which come from many different areas in the world, yet still convey the overall dedication that Whole Foods has for marketing quality, earth friendly products.

I love the overall consistent look to these packages. Although the stylized illustrations on each are still different, the overall package look is very congruent and pleasing, whether it be on white plastic tubs, or dark cardboard packaging. The overall feel is very modern, yet the nature-inspired design clearly shows us that the brand is earth-friendly.

Thankfully, the designs don’t clutter the packages too much, and the use of white space is tasteful and refreshing. I also appreciate the little blocks of text which talk about the products and the vision of Whole Foods. For me, these packages make you me good about what you buy, from the outside, in.

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  1. I think the consistency throughout this packaging makes it work and be even more effective. I love the natural look to the packaging because that is what kind of food they sell. The natural feel to the packaging conveys exactly what the company does which is purchase whole and organic foods from farmers. The colors of the packaging also adds to its effectiveness because they also give off a natural and organic feel. This is a great packaging system and definitely stands out.