Friday, March 4, 2011

Katrina Pohle’s Post

Mustang Logo
When I first think about logos I think about what my favorite brands are.  One of my favorite logos is the Mustang Logo.  There are a few reasons why the Mustang Logo is my favorite logo. 

First of all, mustangs are one of my favorite cars.  I also think the mustang logo is very descriptive and advertises the brand very well.  I like that a mustang horse is used for the logo to represent the name of the car. Using an image of running horse represents speed and mustangs are known to be fast cars. I think that the design of the logo is fairly simple and uses simple colors.  I like that red, white, and blue are used as the colors on the logo.  I think it shows patriotism and works well with the mustang horse.


  1. What a classy logo for a classic car. The horse suggests horizontal motion and the stripes vertical; which I think adds focus to the logo.

  2. I LOVE THIS LOGO!!!! i mean it doesn't help that the mustang is my all time favorite car of all time, but the logo is just cool and recognizable, i mean you see it, you think "Mustang"

  3. I also love this logo. Its shape is more untraditional, so it stands out from the typical rectangular or circular logos we normally tend to see. The idea of having color on the part of the logo that is not our main focus (the flag, not the mustang) is really interesting. Overall it combines a streamlined look with a traditional feel that suits the mustang car.

  4. When it comes to automobile "logo's" they aren't exactly referred to as such among car enthusiasts, at least none that I hang out with. We call these types of logo's "Badges" because they have been around so long and have endured so many changes that they have become a symbol of honor among gear heads. The logo's that adorn the automobile world gain an almost cult like following as they grow in popularity. I love auto company logo's as well as logo's of companies that support the automobile industries. For example, fuel stations like, Exxon, Shell, Mobile, and Phillips 66. These are also logo's but they resemble badges that authorities wear, especially the Phillip's 66. I suppose what I was attempting to say is that I love the fact that everyone loves the mustang logo, but what amuses me is that I loved it before I new it was a logo, it was taught to me that it was a badge of honor.