Wednesday, March 2, 2011

David Brown’s Post

Ever since discovering this fruity and delicious beverage, I have always really enjoyed their entire design layout. Although a simple idea, there labels are so unique and different every time. At one point, I even submitted a handful of photos with hopes of getting one on a bottle, but since I never got any kind of confirmation I assume my photos never got used. I still however, enjoy looking at the labels and reading the story that goes with each one. I find it neat that behind every Jones soda label and photo there is a unique story and person that took it. The labels offer a view into thousands of different lives all around the world, and in a sense we have the opportunity to share that moment with them. We all have our story to tell and share, and Jones Soda offers the world an opportunity to share those moments on their labels.


  1. Definitely a selective brand I missed out on the band wagon for this. All the Jones soda that I have had taste good definitely and are a good representation of the good design work. They both sit well with one another and can compliment. If i had never known Jones soda and had just glanced at it, I would of thought they were a brand of colored vodka. Also since I am light in the wallet, the size of how much they cost also detered me from ever purchasing a soda. I dont know what else design wise they could have done to capture a person like me.

  2. WOW! Now this is a product I can get behind! Anything that has a photography attached to it can't be bad...never mind. Anyway, I happen to really like the concept of having the photo's on the label and the photo changing on a regular basis is genius. Obviously people who like to see the NEXT thing are going to keep coming back and buying the product. It almost gives the product a collectible quality to those of us with hoarding issues!That's a story for another time... Thanks for spotlighting this item and shedding a little photography in our group.

  3. The whole concept behind Jones Soda is pretty creative. There really aren't any other soda companies that have stories and an image on the bottle. It's a great way for advertising, as well as keeping people interested in the product seeing as there's a story on every one of them. Jones Soda has a pretty cool design and uses photography and writing as a way to draw the attention of people.