Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Michael Brunner’s Post

I found this website in searching for a website that hosted a bunch of different designers of all sorts. This website does just that.
By hosting all of these different designers digitally, this website allows viewers to get in connection with thousands of designers all over the world
in a way that is stylish and not specifically stereotypical. What I think is amazing is how the website categorizes the different designers into themes
categories/look & feel. For example, by using the search option you can look through word specific searches that points you towards a designer with
those specific attributes incorporated into their style. This website is easy to navigate and well suited for getting what you need

Through thebestdesigns.com I was able to find this website:

It is by far one of the most incredibly designed websites for a designer I have seen. There are so many elements incorporated into each page and the designs hosted
in the categories are really impressive. Truly a highly enjoyable experience.


  1. The website that you shared definitely would be a good place to go to be inspired by other designers! I agree with your comment about the website that was your favorite... it is so unique, complex and detailed. It is truly a piece of art!!

  2. Gah it's great! This website is practically a door to both inspiration and opportunity if you play it right!

  3. This website was awesome! I didn't actually look at the content so much as the site itself. Loved all of the little interactive touches! Evne the little loading icon was fun! Really engaging site!