Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kyle Kings’ Post

While we were talking about information design in class, I kept thinking about these examples. All of these were made by the same man, who is an engineer, programmer, and web artist, but I think his information design is fantastic.

The money chart, map of the internet, and the movie narrative chart are all great examples of how diverse information design can come, from super formal looking to hand drawn, but they all work in the way they are intended.

Although I really like all of these, my favorite two are the Lakes and Oceans, and the Gravity wells. The gravity well design both shows the comparative gravity between all the different planets and moons, and it explains in a very clear fashion how it is supposed to be read, making it accessible to anybody, even if they don’t have a background in physics or science.

Money Chart

Movie Narrative

Map of the Internet

Gravity wells

Lakes and Oceans


  1. This are incredibly fascinating. Some of them are a little hard to follow, but once you envelope yourself, you begin to appreciate the complexity of the work. I really enjoy the play on social networking and mass media with the Gravity wells design. Such a great concept.

  2. These are really interesting. I agree that they are a bit difficult to follow, but still pretty cool. You can definitely tell this guy is part engineer lol