Sunday, April 22, 2012

Matt Wheeler’s Post

I'd figure i'd go ahead and share some sites with everyone. They vary from fonts, inspiration pages, tutorials, and brushes/textures/etc. This collection started growing a little over a year and half ago and still keeps growing.


Awwwards | The CSS website Awards (thankyou to Chase Skelton for this one)
The Dieline (thankyou to Matthias Roberts for this one)

Tutorial Sites (that aren't listed above):

kuler (also thanks to Chase Skelton)

Some of these sites are great while others are a little mediocre, but either way I hope they help you in some way or another. The best part is some of these sites simply link to others, and you'll literally be chasing through numerous sites and find all sorts of art throughout. If you're ever really bored and want to 'feel' productive, grab some inspiration or knowledge by making your own adventure through the web.

Matt Wheeler


  1. This is just freakin awesome, i have to say! I love having a list of sites on hand to go to, when I am needing inspiration, or wasting time. lol
    That is something I really like about these posts, being able to share, and learn all this information with each other!
    Thanks Matt for all of these!!

  2. Looks like a great collection of sites. Thanks for sharing!