Thursday, April 26, 2012

Caylie Foley’s Post

Fabien Barral is a designer I aspire after. His work is beautiful and beautifully done. The ornamental pieces he includes and the overall textures and watercolor looking marks have a very hand-done look which makes for an overall raw feeling while solving whatever problem he has in a unique way.
This calendar project he’s done is all class.
All of his work is worth looking at. There’s not really a project I’ve seen that’s not done well. He can serve as an inspiration for all of us.  THis is his homepage


  1. I was blown away when I saw this website! He is so creative and multi talented! There is so many beautiful details. I see something new every time I look at a piece even if it is the tenth time.

  2. Your right, this stuff is really good. I love his style and techniques. I think he does an excellent job of including lots of intricate detail without detracting from the design or making it to busy or messy.

  3. Wow! This is beautiful! I can see his influence in your own work. The intricate detail and hand-made style is so amazing. I just can't get over how amazing his work is!! I would love to incorporate this style into mine! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  4. wow! The first page is absolutely gorgeous. Once you get inside the site, it was regretfully plain, but all of his projects are incredible! On his calendar project, I really like the uncoated paper, colors and embossing - really beautiful!