Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chase Skelton’s Post

I love the first image for its unified look. The illustrations fit well with the type and everything flows clearly down the page (the humorous content is a plus too).

The second picture is an infographic produced for Help pharmaceuticals. Their goal as a company is to provide simple, straight forward solutions for everyday medical needs. Their packaging is simple and addresses the problem rather than product (i.e. instead of "Aspirin" their box says "Help! I have a headache.") I love their use of this infographic as a sort of advertisement. It places their brand strategy ("I have a headache") at the center of a slew of confusing medical jargon and ways to choose a pain reliever, reinforcing their brand as a simple solution.

The third and fourth images come from a wonderful infographic company called Voltier Digital (now BlueGrass). They've really got information design down to a science. Check out the rest of their stuff 

Finally, I can't think about information design without thinking of this map of Napoleon's Invasion of Russia by Edward Tufte. If you don't know who Edward Tufte is, you should find out. His work isn't as flashy or "beautiful" as a lot of stuff we see because the data he designs for requires a more technical approach, but his ability to problem solve and arrange information in a clear and orderly fashion is astonishing.


  1. What I love about these is that they are incredibly complex in and of themselves, but at the same time simplistic and very readable. It's like completely contrary from what you would think you would be getting from far away. I don't see these working too well from a distance, like a billboard, but I for sure see them on a street or wall, but probably mostly the web. :)

  2. These are all really cool looking, I really like the top one because the illustrations are able to work into the design so nicely. They all are very nice though and have a great design to them.

  3. I really love how detailed these are, but how they still remain fairly simple and clean. I know that almost doesn't make any sense, but basically I am meaning that they have the perfect amount of detail. I really life the illustrations in several of them as well as the organization of the headache information design piece. The vectors in these are great!!

  4. These are all really nice. The top one is my favorite. Love the use of only two colors, the humor and the simplicity. Very easy to follow. I didn't really get the second and last one but at least the second one was still pretty. The second to last one was pretty cool, liked the use of lots of colors here- fits well with the theme.

  5. I really like these Posters. They have a similar quality to the information design posters I posted a while back. I also like the top poster. The colors and shapes work really well together.