Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jessica William’s Post

I enjoy this website for its difference from other design websites. I love the name, layout, and all the many options this website has to offer. It offers a wide range of printing options you can order your own design through as they call it: Taste Printing™ under this they work with fine material & specialty stocks. In any size, shape, or punch out. Spot gloss & decorative foils, and debossing & custom die cuts. Taste Of Ink also works with a design agency is called : TOI Design™ Agency and under them is: toi logo™ design,  taste of ink cards™, and print collateral design. Taste of Ink also has: Taste Templates™, which has templates for logos, taste of ink cards™, and websites for clients to work with. There is also a gallery to look through of some impressive designs. (the images I attached is of some of those logo, business card, and website designs.)  
These are ones I personally really like. The ABODE website layout is so beautifully clean and elegant, it just makes me MELT!! I want a house designed like that, and a WEBSITE like that!
For the Helixinc.com business card I like the unique idea of it having a kick stand. I personally love the simple, smooth, shape of the logo with its bright, contrast colors.
The Sorus Group logo has a very masculine feel to it, from its colors of grays and brunt orange, to its sanserif type face. And its very powerful, little bit of a renaissance logo style. I think this logo would work really well for a beer company.
So there you go thats, Taste Of Ink. Enjoy it!

And This link is of DesignSpiration. This is my default website that I go to when I need to be filled with some inspiration for general love of art, or for an up coming project.
Hope you can enjoy it as much as I do!


  1. These are some really nice slightly complex logos. Even the title implies that somehow these are more refined and worked on to the point that they represent something of a higher order. Each one seems to look extremely rich. The lines themselves do most of the work, but the slight color effects to each of the logos does wonders for this wealthy looking collection.

  2. I love these sites! I've been needing a good site that shows off logos for a little while now and just haven't taken the time to look for any. SHORTCUT!

  3. The taste of ink website has some really nice examples of logos. I also really like the design of the site itself. Simple, yet refined : ) The designspiration has some interesting stuff to look at but the website itself is not as nice as the first one. Still, a good source of inspiration : )