Monday, February 28, 2011

Katlyn Tweedy’s Post

Olympics Logo - Rio 2016

I love this logo! It’s abstract and colorful, both of which grab my attention.  I think that you not only can see 3 “dancing” figures in the design, but also the green as an “r”, the yellow as an “i”, and the blue as an “o.”  The text also combines nicely with the design in regards to the smooth flow and continuity of the shapes of the characters.

I did some research behind the idea of the logo.  It begins with the meaning behind the green chosen to symbolize the forestry and the Carioca’s (native inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro) hopes for the future.  The yellow is representative of the sun and the lively nature that the people of Rio are known for.  The ocean is a major part of their lives - which is shown with the blue.  The design was apparently based on a popular local rock formation, “Sugarloaf.”

The design agency, Tátil, explains their goal in the creation of the design...
“To represent the passion and transformation of a city and an entire country, and project these values to the rest of the world. That was the beginning of the project that granted Tátil the pleasure and privilege of creating the brand for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games,”

Tátil’s website:

Overall I feel that this logo works strongly and accurately depicts the community of Rio while still supporting the history of the Olympics.


  1. I really like that logo, I think it is really abstract and its just really cute too.

  2. I think this logo works so well! I really think in this case an abstract logo was the smartest way to go. I think if the designer would have gone with a descriptive logo or a typographic logo it would have not worked as well. The colors of the logo work as well and compliment the abstraction of the logo. I think the designer did an excellent job.

  3. I also think this is a good logo, although it reminds me of the style of many, many other logos I have seen. However, it brings a new twist to it, with the bright colors and interlocking figures. It definitely catches my eye and I had never considered there being an "r" "i" and "o" in the figures before, which is interesting.

  4. Brilliant.
    I didn't see Rio at first and honestly didn't see much but abstracted people. But then it hit me. Wow... way to go whoever came up with that.

    my only concern is that people may not look at it long enough to see Rio in it. And if you miss Rio, there is not a whole lot to see.

  5. I agree with Megan. I've seen this logo multiple times before this post and never noticed the 'Rio' in the illustration. I'm glad you pointed it out, it's similar to the FedEx logo where you can go for years without noticing it, and then once you do see it you can't look at it the same ever again. The 'Rio' is still super abstract, I don't think I would have noticed it by myself. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.