Monday, February 28, 2011

Starla Koehler’s Post

This logo was designed for SeventyTwelve, a company that assists other business with web solutions. It is a superb solution for the company's identity, as the logo serves as the identity for the company, while also describing what the company does. By combining typography and description, the logo works to create a quality visual representation of the company as a whole.

Also, the logo works because the essence of the design is so simple. It isn't cluttered with too many details, it is unique and it is memorable because of the power button icon that is created through the use of the type. The mark of the logo engages the viewer because you recognize it is a power button, so you are then caused to look at the rest of the logo where the company's name is found. The design succeeds in allowing the viewer to engage in an interactive mind game since the design itself is so direct in communicating the company name. Also, the use of just two colors maintains the sense of sleek simplicity throughout the logo.

What most impresses me about this logo design is its the ingenuity overall. The designer kept the logo simple and sleek, but did not use an obvious solution, which makes it stick to the viewers. Also, because is not just aesthetically pleasing, but captures the essence of what the company does, makes the logo stand out as a well designed identity.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing this logo. I agree that it works very well as a sleek logo, which really demonstrates the job of the company. I definitely saw the power button before I saw anything else. It wasn't until I read the name of the company that I went back and realized it was the numbers "70" and "12" but I agree thats ingenious and attractive to look at without being cluttered.

  2. I love the simple complexity of this logo. You are right in saying that it creates a great visual representation of the company. I've never heard of Seventy Twelve before, but just from looking at the logo I can immediately tell it has something to do with technology. What a *great* logo, I wish I had designed it.