Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dustin Kessler’s Post

When I first saw this package design on StumbleUpon (excellent website for finding astounding work) I immediately had to find out more about this package design.  It just looked incredible.
Ok, so when I found the entire article from the designer himself, I would say that the word "incredible" was an understatement.  This kid is the same age as most of us and is popping out designs and concepts like this?  I want to meet this kid—he's a genius.

Anyways, on to the actual design.  I actually dont know where to begin because Im still kind of mind-blown by it all. The package shape itself is ingenious, especially implementing the eco-friendly aspects to it to 1.) leave a smaller carbon footprint, but also 2.) to be able to ship more units per container [which, in turn, creates less usage of shipping, thus = eco-friendly].

The sleek lines and square shape the design holds gives the bottle a more modern feel to it as well as a much easier shape to work with for people who stock shelves and coolers.
The colors - oh the colors!  Ok, theyre really not much different than any of the other Coke products now.  Moving on. The actual graphic element that the bottles have shows an excellent use of a smooth gradient to create a modern, clean, and simplistic feel to the design.  Also, the white swoosh that starts from the top and wraps around two sides, ending at the bottom?  Love it.  It takes the classic Coke swoosh, keeps the vintage curve, but puts it in a modern form.  Excellent, excellent, excellent design.  I would have liked the swoosh to start from the cap, but starting from the top of the wrapper works too.  Just my two cents on that matter.

Ok, after looking at this, you cant tell me you wouldnt buy this new Coke packaging in stores...I mean really people? You cant.  I wouldnt believe you.  It grabs your attention too well and makes you really look at it.  Th simplistic design and sleek lines of this eco-friendly [oh, that draws in a lot of suckers too on most products, bonus points for this kid] bottle just makes you want to take a drink and feel super refreshed -- this is the new face of Coke.  

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  1. This is a really neat design. I have been overseas and they have quite a selection of different shaped drink containers but not quite as clean cut as this and not on any US brands. I found that I actually prefer drinking out of a square bottle. And yes, the guy who designed this was pretty genius. No more having to chase our bottles when they roll down to the stage in chapel if they fall over! The design of the labels is fresh, new, and clean. The only thing that I would change is what is inside of the bottle. Yes, sorry Coke fans, but I would probably buy the bottle and then go fill it with water... Who knows? Maybe one day all our bottled beverages will be a little more square.