Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zachary Brown’s Post

I don't know about everybody else, but I love movies. Probably more so than the average person. How they're made, their story, the music, and the posters. The posters of movies are what I'm interested in, in this post. It's a shame that so much money gets pumped into different projects, yet it seems very little thought is put into the posters that are advertising their movies. Unfortunately, a common trend in movie posters is to just slap on a picture of the stars and use some Photoshop magic to touch them up, such as The Dilemma. There is pretty much nothing in the design that makes me want to see it. On the other hand, there is the promotional poster for the movie Buried. It's pretty geometrical and somewhat vague as to what the story is about, which makes it that much more interesting. Movie poster design should entice someone to see it, or at least satisfy some artistic hunger that might be there within the person, but for the most part we just get celebrity faces staring at us on a poster that no one really put any thought into. One might think I'm quite upset about the quality of movie posters, but I can ensure you, I'm not. I like to think myself as somewhat mentally stable.
Those were just a few thoughts of mine on the current state of move advertising. I don't really see the negative trends going anywhere any time soon, but we can always look forward to those rare gems that stand out amongst the other posters and tries to represent its film well.


  1. I often pick what movie I will see next based on the posters I see in the theater. I usually pass by the ones that are like the poster for "The Dilemma" because it doesn't tell me what the movie is about, and if I don't know or like the actors, there's really no point. Something like the poster below, however, would definitely catch my eye. However, it doesn't really tell me what the movie is about, and I'd like to know who the actors are in the movie. Although its really well designed and eye catching, as a movie poster I think it needs to find a bit more of a balance by adding in some detail about what the movie is about.

  2. I too am a movie poster buff, but I have to admit, if I see a poster and I don't recognize the actors names, and there isn't a picture about the people or the movie, I don't waste my money going to see it at the theatre. I do like to see EPIC scenes from movies as the posters though! I like the artistic nature of the buried poster, but it just doesn't draw up to it to examine it closer. The cool thing about the Dilemma poster is that who in the world would ever consider Vince Vaughn, or Kevin James even remotely capable of having a dilemma that either one would take serious! Looks like a movie night to me...

  3. Movie posters are cliche (and too often use Trajan, but that's beside the point). OFten times they are not really design, but just picture and title. Some of this may simply be that it's the trailer that gets us more than anything else. In fact, we hardly notcie the poster at all.
    Maybe the design world should snag this hole and run with it, making beautiful, working design as it moves along.