Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brittany Spaulding’s Post

My major is photography so those are the websites I enjoy looking at the most. I try to find ways of how other photographers design there websites and to find similarities in style to get ideas of things I can do for pictures. I found this website called Aves Photographic Design,, I like how the website has a vintage feel to it and the uses of transitions between pages. One particular photographic design I like was of the engagement session called Sweep Me Away. I like the use of old vintage items in the shoot. One of my favorite things to do in pictures is taking normal household things that normally belong inside and take them outside. That is what intrigues me the most about this shoot. The concept is very cool with the old vintage bed and chandelier. I like the added element at the end with the use of feathers. It captures the couples fun side and shooting at sunset makes the entire shoot feel more intimate.


  1. It's that outside-the-box (the "box" being a house and "outside" being literal this time. I think it pulled context into photography. These pictures are about more than bringing home objects outside, they are about capturing the couple, WHO they are, their excitement, and such.

    If there is not a reason, there is no point.

  2. I'm in a photography class for the first time this semester, and it is literally the first time I've picked up a camera for any reason other than to snap amateur pictures of my friends and I. So, needless to say, I appreciate the amount of talent photographers must have in order to get good shots. These are great, but I am partial to the vintage feel, as well.

  3. I agree with Jenny. I recently just began exploring the world of photography - taking Intro to Photo. I've enjoyed learning how to increase my knowledge in the field. I am working on being acquainted with my "mind's eye" and furthering my ability to think in that way. It's also been cool to see how my graphic design skills have applied to the composition of a photo. I enjoy looking at the other talents of photographers. I, too, am a fan of the vintage look :)