Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Megan Toney’s Post

I like witty design. Maybe this comes from my English minor, my love for typography, or simply (in this case) burritos. I went to Chipotle when I was in oklahoma City a couple weekends ago and just giggled through my lunch. I admire the thought that went into it and enjoyed the way the type became the design.

The first being the napkin. It makes you at least smirk, doesn't it? The "forgive and forget" line made my restaraunt experience that much more enjoyable, not to mention the step-by-step how to eat your burrito tutorial. It just seems thorough to me and makes me believe that they do value my experience and not just my money.

Next it the paper for the burrito tray. The type becomes the design as well as the point. Again, it plays into that silly aspect and conveys the concept of an thorough, enjoyable restaraunt experience.

Their creativity and ability to be thorough and witty impressed me. I want to make people giggle sometimes, even if it is only designer types.


  1. I completely agree. I think Chipotle does a fantastic job of not just providing a service, but making it an enjoyable experience. I almost just go to see what clever idea is scribed on my cup :)

  2. Chipotles advertising is great. One thing that always catches my eye is the stories that they have on the back of each cup. I love eating my food while enjoying a humorous blurb about the restaurant, or whatever random thing they decide to talk about.

  3. I always love reading the little blurbs written on trays, napkins, or packaging in restaurants. And what is better than something witty that is well designed? My only complaint is the cup. The words are really skewed, and although interesting-looking, the first thing I read was "HO" rather than "H2O". I'm guessing this effect is not what the designer wanted, unless its just another thing to make the consumer laugh, in which case i would consider this not a mistake. :)

  4. I agree, they do a great job at using all the spaces they have to 'entertain' the customers almost. I also like that their design is mainly typographical and so all of their products work together well, since they are all created with the same style.