Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meghan Glenn’s Post

Ok, so you know the DKNY perfume that has an apple theme to it, and is suppose to smell like apples? Well I love it. Because 1) the perfume smells really good, and smells like apples and 2) Look at how the bottle is designed…. It looks like an apple…..well not exactly like an apple, but it’s in an apple shape which makes the experience of having a perfume that smells like apples that much more fun and enjoyable. 3) They have different kinds of apples and each apple perfume smells just a little bit different. I just think that this is a really cute idea, because I feel like I have seen other perfumes that have an apple theme, or an apple scent, but the packaging for the scent is boring and there’s nothing interesting about it. Truthfully I don’t really like apples, but I love this idea and I love these perfumes. And everytime I go somewhere that has these perfumes, I always stop and smell them.  


  1. It's true - it's very clever. Especially to us designer-types who will spend a little extra cash for the look of something (I can never seem to settle for the boring Great Value packaging). The "Be delicious" is nice too, but I wonder if they could have made each scent's name correspond with a different type of apple, simplyfor the sake of upping the anti.

  2. I accidently smell them because every time I walk into someone's room that has this I pick it up and think, 'Hmmm, what could this thingy be?' (forgetting that I picked it up last time) and while I turn it around, I end up pressing the spray button. Mmmmm. It kind of reminds me of a tank.
    But other than that I like the design as well. What works better for apple scented perfume than an apple? I would expect that. It just wouldn't work as well if it had a different scent in it.
    They should come out with a whole line of fruit perfumes!
    Then again, I'm not quite sure how the design would work out for some of them and who would want to smell like a banana anyway?...

  3. I love how in the right picture they are advertising the perfumes in a crate with a bunch of real apples. To be quite honest, I've seen these perfumes several times and my first thought is never "apple." In fact, I don't think I have ever even smelled one. Maybe if I had, I would have a different reaction. But overall, a unique design is always good. Perfume bottles can easily get boring and predictable.

  4. first of all, you are so right, this perfume does smell wonderful! Also, their incorporation of the scent into the shape of the bottle is pretty ingenious, I only wander if maybe the bottle is hard to hold??? I really do think they do well though, especially the 'sticker' on the apple bottle with the info, I think that is my favorite part of the design overall, it is so clever!