Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kellsi Spalding’s Post

Hey guys, I looked at the schedule and thought it would be good to start thinking about our logos that are coming up. I think this article is very benifical because it gives us the common mistakes many designers make in designing logos. If people do not like your logo, they will not respond well to your company. We always talk about good designs but never point out what bad designs contain. I think it is important to examine both in order to know what to do and what not to do. I seem to always know what to do in designing a logo but never know what not to do and that is a fine line. It is benefical to me to see good logos as well as bad logos. I think the logo is the most important element in a company's design. It will either interest people or push them away. As we think about our upcoming logos, it is important to think how a person will be impacted either negatively of positively.

This article is great for understanding the commom mistakes of logo design and how they can be fixed.


  1. Of these ten tips, I think I have the most trouble with number 5. It is hard to take yourself out of your work. As artists, we want to create something that we love and enjoy. But in reality, it's extremely important to keep the client and the client's target market at the forefront of your mind. They are the ones you are designing for.

  2. I agree with Jenny. Number 5 is the one I wish was not true. In the position I have had this last year, there have been times it required putting aside my style and my preference. Either because it did not integrate well with the concept or because the client liked the other better.

    It is hard, but I've realized the point is communication ad execution more so than it is my personal style satisfaction