Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Katrina Pohle’s Post

   When I logged onto the blog website one of the first images that stuck out to me was the PLS DNT TXT + DRIVE poster.  I think this poster clearly demonstrates the message that is being portrayed (don’t text and drive).
   I noticed right away that the poster represents a website or some campaign against texting and driving (or road safety).  The message is clearly shown by the big bold letters that state the meaning “don’t text and drive”.  I like how abbreviations were used for the words don’t text and drive.  I think it was a good idea to abbreviate don’t text and drive as dnt txt + drive because, that is a common way someone might abbreviate a text message.
   The poster grabbed my attention enough to read the smaller text to figure out what the poster is trying to support.  I think it is a great idea to make a poster about texting and driving because I have personally known people who have gotten in car wrecks because of texting and driving.


  1. I think the use of abbreviations makes you slow down and actually read it. They're abbreviations that aren't used ALL the time, so your eye doesn't just breeze over them.

  2. Personally I found it very eye catching and easy to understand. Even though the colors are black and white, along with a soothing blue, it states its message very "loudly." I think it would have been fun to see some sort of illustration worked into the word "drive" although it would have needed to be very simplistic to fit with the style of the poster. Overall I think its a good idea and very effective.

  3. I think this conveys a simple, yet powerful message.
    By taking the words and simplifying them with a sort of texting shorthand, they not only get across a message that people are able to read quickly but draws attention to the contrast between the words "text, please" and "drive". Great idea, great execution, especially for that target audience.