Monday, October 24, 2011

Danielle Dye’s Post

The use of negative space is something that I don’t always think of incorporating into my designs, but when I see designs with a successful use of negative space it always grabs my attention. It can help make logos plain, simple and to the point. Negative space provides appealing effects that can end up showing hidden images.

With the BigTen logo, the subtle11 squeezed in there is really clever. Since there was another team added to the BigTen conference, this design was a good way of keeping with the name but also showing the change.

This second logo, Ed’s Electric, I thought was really well done. The use of negative space with the “E” making the shape of the plug and socket fits perfectly with the company and the image they want to get across. When I first looked at it, I saw the plug and socket and then later saw the “E”.

Once noticed, the hidden element produced by the negative space of a logo becomes the obvious part, making the logo appealing and more memorable.


  1. Perhaps it is because I am such a football fan, but the Big Ten logo is one of my favorites of all time! Two small slices out of the letters create the genius "11" that hint at the fact that there are 11 teams rather than 10 like there should be. I also find the Ed's Electric logo very neat because I saw the "E" way before I saw the plug!

  2. I love the use of negative space in logos as well and I think that these are excellent examples of that. I think the big 10 logo does the best job with the negative space. You don't even notice the 11 at first but when you really look you see it. It's amazing! I love all the other ones as well because it just pops out at you. I never think of using the negative space when I am doing things but I really wish I did because the results are so good!

  3. All of these logos are extremely creative. I like how each one has a unique, hidden symbol in it that applies to the company or image in some way. I have seen logo’s much like the electric company before. In fact, there is one in Siloam Springs that uses the “E” to represent the space between the plug and the outlet. I feel like the most clever logo is the “Portrait Photos” one because I was going to say that it was my least favorite logo because it was just a camera… that is until I saw the person in the camera. And I agree with Danielle when she said that “Once noticed, the hidden element produced by the negative space of a logo becomes the obvious part”. I am having a hard time noticing the text first now because the hidden image made a memorable impression.

  4. The last design took me the longest to notice (which I would say means it was really well designed!) Negative space is a wondrous thing in design. Its possibilities are endless and it just adds another whole dimension to the thought process. It works great for drawing you into the design and making you think about it, which most design doesn't do these days. You just can't take it at surface value.

    You found some really great examples of this. It's a lot like the FedEx logo. Once you see the negative shape, it's impossible not to every single time you see the logo again!

  5. I love all of these logos a lot. I love logos that make use of negative space. The reason i like logos like this the most is because they are the most appealing. They do a wonderful job of grabbing the viewers attention. The logos hold the attention until the negative space is revealed and can be seen. These types of logos are by far my favorite kind of logos.

  6. Negative space is such an effective tool to use in design! It can easily take an ok design and make it great. I especially like the fact that it makes me think a little bit when I look at something. The Big 10 logo to me, is by far the most interesting. It is a very creative way to deal with a very confusing issue.