Thursday, October 13, 2011

Danielle Schindler’s Post

This logo was designed for a golf club/team and is a creative example of using a silhouette to create two separate images. If you look closely, there is a golfer holding a club and swinging. This part of the logo represents the golf purpose of the logo. The second image that is on the page is that of a Spartan. The golfers elbow represents the nose of the Spartan and the wrinkles in the golfers shirt represent the lips and chin. Finally, the stroke marks coming off of the club are made to emphasize power and movement, but in the imagery of the Spartan, those marks represent the plume on the helmet.

The challenge with this type of design is that normally one image would be more prominent than the other; however, in this case, both images are easy to identify and unique. The logo is a creative piece of art that represents two different images that are both unique for it’s purpose. It is a clean, and very distinctive logo.  


  1. I remember Andrus showing us this logo in Graphic Design I last year and I love it just as much now as I did then! I'm blown away by the precision and creativity in this logo. I don't think I could ever make a golfer also appear as a face, let alone a face of a spartan! Both images are equally distinct and obvious and neither of them stands out more than the other - super effective!

  2. I remember this logo from last year. This is such a sweet logo. It's so well done. I hope to one day be able to create a logo this good. It accomplishes it's purpose beautifully. It not only represents the type of club that it is but it also represents the name of the club. So good. I just love this logo.

  3. This logo is definitely very impressive! I find it difficult to imagine trying to design something like this. Trying to make it seems so complicated, but the result is so simple and clean. It is definitely one of the most impressive logos I have seen!