Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daniel William’s Post

Guerilla advertising is one of the most interesting and creative ways of advertising. Whether advertising for a product or for a cause, guerilla advertising is the way to go. Guerilla advertising is one of the most creative things i have found in the marketing industry. There are no bounds or restrictions with this kind of advertisement.

Anything that can be thought up can inevitably be created into advertisements. Guerilla advertisements are especially effective because they provide information in a way that no one has ever seen before. They cause the viewer to think about what is happening instead of the viewer simply brushing it off as though they had never seen the advertisement.

These are all great examples of guerilla marketing. These tactics simply enlarge an object that relates to the cause. The size of the subject then gets people interested and hopefully causes them to look into it further. Guerilla advertising is great. I wish there was more of this kind of advertising in America.


  1. I agree with this - Guerilla advertising is much more interesting than any other. Campaigns like these make me want to live in a larger city in order to see and experience more bizarre and creative advertising like the ones above. All of these given are particularly interesting, but I think my favorite is the light bulb in the field with the cows because it is so out of it's element! It is more like an advertisement that you would see around here and it would absolutely get my attention.

  2. I feel completely left out living in Siloam Springs. I never get to see advertising like this. I think that it is extremely effective. People are use to everyday routines and life. Whenever there is something brand new and shocking in their routine, it really grabs attention. If you are walking to work just like every other day and their is suddenly a huge cigarette in the middle of the sidewalk, it is going to grab your attention and interest. Whether you like it or not.