Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Morgan Henson’s Post

I have always been fascinated by solely Typographic media. It’s likely I that I lean more toward type-focused logos and projects because I’ve never been great at drawing my own pictures so MY projects are typographic. Personally, I think the most creative works are typographic based and I am always impressed by the simplicity and beauty of them. Here are a couple examples of my favorites.

I used this one in my sketchbook already, but the Upside Down Productions logo is beautiful! At first glance the words are perfectly decipherable, but at a closer look it the letters are ACTUALLY UPSIDE DOWN! I was amazed. Some, like the ‘s’ are just the letter flipped upside down, but some are actual letters, like the ‘u’ made of an ‘n’ or the ‘d’ made from a ‘p’. When flipped the correct way, the letters are actually ‘umop episdn.’

Another lovely example of a good typographic logo is the Time Timewatch logo. The ‘t’ is made to look like a number on a digital clock, while the ‘I’ creates the semicolon between the hours and minutes. It is effective because it is easily read while still conveying the message of time. So creative!


  1. I really like typographic logos. Especially ones that are well done like the "upside down" logo. If a typographic logo is well done then it is a very powerful thing. The simplicity of the logo is great, yet it is so clever. The "timewatch" logo is harder for me to see. I definitely like the upside down logo more. It's so simple yet so ingenious.

  2. These logos are definitely interesting. Typographic logos are very cool. I really like the t:me one. It is a clever use of a common sight to spell a word. It does a very good job of giving added meaning to the word.