Monday, October 24, 2011

Troy Rogers’ Post

I find this poster to be very interesting and fitting for the event it is advertising. The poster is for an event about Helvetica, and it creatively incorporates the Helvetica typeface into the design. The whole thing is obviously typed in Helvetica, but when one looks closer, you can see that the word “Helvetica” is actually made up of letters that are each individually built with other letters. Starting from the left and going right, the word “Helvetica” has the whole alphabet, the ten digits, and the symbols of the Helvetica typeface. This is very creative, and it is a good way to showcase the typeface it is talking about. And then to top it all off, the design and layout of the poster very visually appealing as well!


  1. So impressive! The most interesting part of this entire poster is the "HELVETICA" in the center created out of other letters and symbols in the Helvetica typeface! Like Troy said, it is very aesthetically pleasing and the color and appearance grab my attention.

  2. I don't entirely understand this design, not to mention my inner OCD is beginning to rear it's nasty head. From a smaller view such as the thumbnail portrayed in the post, it looks neat, although I don't understand the significance of the plus sign that it's shaped in. When zoomed it, the bottom part of it also drives me crazy because of all the sporadic leading and type size.

    Now, on the positive side, lol, I do like the idea they portrayed with the word "HELVETICA." It definitely would be nifty just to put Helvetica characters in the larger letters, but they went so far as to make sure they had every one of the basic characters in it, no more, no less. That was really smart and cool!

  3. I really like the helvetica in the middle of the poster. It's cool how it is made up of the letters of the alphabet. It would help if i could read the rest of the poster. There are some spacing issues beneath "Helvetica". The line of text underneath "helvetica" is more spread out than the rest of the text on the poster. If this area had the same spacing as the rest of the poster it would be alot better.