Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caitlin Martin’s Post

This is the design of my friend Lizzie Nelson, who graduated last year from JBU. She is in Colorado now pursuing her design career. I really like her design, partially because I can see so much of who she is in it. No matter what she does she somehow shines through.  She takes simple phrases and shapes and beautifully illustrates them, in doing this she accentuates beauty in simplicity. She also uses so many different mediums, which I think is brilliant. Her design is not just spent behind a screen, it is spent making things and photographing things. I think it keeps design fresh and exciting. I'm using her design because she's not a professional yet, she's someone who we can all relate to on multiple levels. Her work encourages me to really use the time I have here developing and honing my skill. I hope you enjoy!

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