Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adam Howard’s Post

As I am working on album art for my next single that I am releasing, I have been looking at a lot of album art. This is one that I have always enjoyed, mostly for how intriguing it is. It is a photograph of Ben Cooper (Radical Face) sitting on a worn roof that has been distressed and that has the addition of these bird shapes.

The album art I think really gives a sense of what the album is about as well as how it feels. The Album is called 'ghost' and it is about older houses and the stories which they contain. It involves the idea that the memories and stories of an old house are trapped within the walls like ghosts, but they are worn and aged with time.

The art captures the idea of ghosts with both the symbols used of birds and the umbrella for a sort of hovering flying feel and the visual distress added to the photo (especially with Ben's head being scratched out). It also feels much like the music itself, which feels very earthy in tone and free with creativity.

Anyway, I think that it is wonderfully done and that it matches the music very well.

Two songs can be listened too here:

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