Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anna Rose’s Post

The Ramones emblem is recognizable throughout the world.  Its unique to their band and sets them apart from all the other rock bands out there who favor using edge-y typefaces surrounded by skulls, snakes, blood, demons, and whatever else is considered “bad to the bone”.  The Ramones logo is very well designed. I really like it and think it fits the band nicely. With this logo they have created a following, a community who devotes time and money into their music allowing the music and logo to be known all around the world.

Despite the uniqueness of this logo to the band the design really isn’t that original. The band’s logo is a collaboration of the United States Department of Defense seal and the Great Seal of the United States of America, along with a few original ideas from the band (or their designer). 

So I want to compare the difference in these three emblems. The Ramones version the eagle is holding a bat in its right claw instead of arrows (like in the US. Seal). Also on the Great Seal the banner says “E Pluribus Unum”, whereas the Ramones’ says, “look out below”. The arrows the Ramones use above their eagle are a similar idea to the Department of Defense logo where they have stars in-between lines. The stars are also incorporated in the Ramones logo circling the whole emblem. Finally the flag banner in the Great Seal was replaced in the Ramones with a military type banner.

In the end I still think the Ramones have a great logo design, even though they heavily incorporated world-wide known logos. They did a nice job blending the three logos together to create a unique and easily recognizable logo for their band. 


  1. I know the Ramones are famous and all, so everyone knows their logo. But if they weren't so famous, I think I would dislike their logo. This is mainly because it was derived from our government's seals. I know that was their whole idea, which obviously worked for them. But if I were browsing a music store and saw this, I wouldn't stop to examine the differences in their logo and the US seals, I would think "ew, government" and move on.
    But it's worked for them, so I can't really complain.

  2. i agree with emily...it doesnt really encompass a music feel. it looks so much like the government seal that i didn't even bother to read the text...the bat it really the only "noticeable" change to me in the eagles right claw but i really wouldn't have really paid attention to that if i saw this logo. i would automatically assume government.