Thursday, December 9, 2010

Caitlin Martin’s Post

I was recently introduced to the work of Jessica Hische.  She is an incredible designer.  I really admire how broad a scope she can hit.  She designs, illustrates, sets and creates type and font, she does it all.  Everything she does is very unique and there is somewhat of a small trend among her work, but nothing she could be completely defined by.  I like the way she does things because she doesn't just stick to one thing, she dabbles in everything.  My favorite work of hers was some of the book covers she did.  She did an entire series of "Wizard of Oz" book covers that were awesome.  I am completely inspired by her and I hope you will be too.

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  1. i love the vintagey look of all her designs. the colors, typefaces she choses, and even shapes give you a retro feel to her work. I like her alphabet thing the best because each of the letters have a unique design and are designed individually. they had to have so much thought put into each letter.