Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mitchell Murry’s Post

I personally love Kleenex’s packing and the way they present themselves. Every holiday season they tend to come out with a special packing to make it fashionable to have a Kleenex package in your house.

When I was in Walmart recently, I noticed their new design. I was fairly impressed until I found some not so impressive  

Shown to the left is a more impressive box design for this years holiday season. They colors are rich and warm and provide the welcoming feeling to grab a Kleenex, even If you are in the worst mood possible or miserably sick.

Then you get down the isle and you see these really awkward boxes. I do not understand what they were thinking. Apparently they wanted a box that would fit in the kitchen. I do not see a lot of the holidays in these types of cakes and pies. Maybe the cherry’s and peppermint cake, but I do not want to be satisfied when I have a cold from a slice of cake or pie box Kleenex. It could be just the complete opposite designs that are conflicting for me. There does not seem to be any consistencies between the two holiday boxes and that is the main argument for me. 


  1. no one wants to think about sick people in the kitchen. having kleenex in there with food is weird and unsettling. and having the boxes as food is really not working for me. why would you get kleenex from pie or cake? it doesnt fit.

  2. While I think that the dessert design on the latter Kleenex boxes is a little confusing, from a purely mechanical creation perspective the design is well executed. If the design on the latter boxes was for a dessert and not tissues, I think that it would have worked well. For the design on the second group of boxes I agree that they were a bit miscast I do however think that Kleenex people deserve some credit in trying to do something different considering they are such an established brand. Inversely since Kleenex is such an established brand and have so many different designs for the same product they do have some room to make mistakes that won't single-handedly destroy the companies market share.

  3. oh gosh i totally disagree with sara! sorry sara! i think these boxes are adorable and i agree no one wants sick people in the kitchen cause it spreads germs, but if you already have tissues in there that is an adorable idea! i like the one with the mint! its so perfect for the season!!! kleenex has just gotten so creative with the shapes of their boxes and friend taylor has one thats a flower/octagon and it is adorable! it makes sick people feel better about their cold cause it makes them happy :)

  4. At my parent's house, we have kleenex boxes everywhere. At least one in every room of the house. So, I personally don't see the problem Sara brought up about it being in the kitchen.
    I do think it'd be weird to have kleenexs inside a cake looking box, but I can definently seeing it in our house because my mom thought they were adorable, or something like that.
    So, while I don't necesarily like the cakes, I bet there's enough people out there who do, especially since everyone uses kleenexs.