Thursday, December 1, 2011

Michael Kerby’s Post

When I think of shocking design I think of Adbusters.  Although I can’t say I completely agree with everything they have to say, I must admit that they effectively shock viewers through their design.  There is almost alwasy a clear and concise message that is being portrayed.  Usually that message relates to consumerism.

That is the case for both of the ads included today.  There designs are often clean and to the point.  In the design with the Ipad, they very effectively use white space to draw your attention to the young boy and ipad.  With the other, they use lots of color to draw the viewer in.  Both ads use graphics that the viewer is familiar with in order to grab the attention of the viwer.  Both ads are very effective and shocking.  This is the kind of design that makes me stop and think for a second.  


  1. The iPad ad really got my attention. Initially I noticed someone giving a child an iPad and I didn't think anything of it. But once I noticed the caption and how malnourished the child was I felt terrible. That is the kind of emotion they are trying to evoke with these ads and it works very well.

  2. The iPad ad is very interesting. After looking at it, it is very clear that it is trying to get a reaction the child, but it is unclear as to whether they are blaming Apple, or people that use those products. It is definitely bold and gets your attention, but its message is not entirely clear.

  3. I personally love the logo set at the end of this post. Each of the logos has such a simple alteration from the original, yet they are extremely clever and effective. Not only that, but the modified logos also portray their company accurately, just in a darker tone. At least that is true for the first three logos. I don't recognize the last one unfortunately. What I really find interesting is that I can still recognize the first three original logos easily, despite the changes. That is the mark of a superb logo.