Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jay Vogt’s Post

I ran across this brochure that was created for the Genesi company and was really intrigued. The first thing I noticed was the idea to integrate the CD into the artwork of the entire design. I looked up the company and found their website ( and I feel that, although the color scheme of the brochure is obviously different, it still conveys the same message that the company wants to convey with their website: a clean-cut, modern tech company that's constantly
thinking of innovative new ideas. 

Back on the critique of the design, I love the choice to stick with shades of black and shades of blue, instead of going all out with color. I love the idea on the front cover that has "MADE IN genesi," fairly subtle and great in conveying the company. Also, the quote on the cover was an excellent idea too! 

When you open up the brochure, I love the simplicity and the creative designs depicted in the brochure. It has the basic information located in the corner of the brochure and then has a CD and a pocket containing what I would assume is more detailed information. I think in a company that deals primarily with the digital age, it makes sense to have a lot of the information on a CD readily accessible with the brochure. I like the pocket design, as it is subtle and clean cut, but still obvious once the brochure is open. 

The last part of this over all design I thing is an out-of-the-box idea, while still being a box! (no pun intended.) This guy was looking ahead at where this brochure would be distributed and thought to create a box that can be used to store stacks of these brochures for handing out. Not only did he make functionality out of it, but he also was able to incorporate more information plain to see on the box. 


  1. This is so complicated but intriguing at the same time. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first but I think if I got to play with it myself I would like it. I do think it is a very beautiful brochure, especially with the colors, and I love that the design of the CD was integrated into the brochure's format.

  2. The folds and format of this brochure along with the color scheme make it very appealing. The choice of black with that blue really pop out. The colors give me a cool, relaxed feel which I feel like go well with the idea. As Morgan said, the CD integrated into the format of the brochure really works well.

  3. Dude! This is awesome! I love the colors and the high contrast. The design is incredibly creative, and the imagery used compliments the brochure very well. This instantly stood out to me among other posts. Great find.