Friday, October 1, 2010

Since y’all are currently working on a soda design Goehner wanted me to post some examples for you. If you Google “soda design” you will find hundreds of examples of soda branding, good and awful. I just pulled a couple for you analysis.

I find this one interesting: Dry Soda. This soda is begging to be considered second only to wine. The website even suggests cheese pairings and potential drink mixes for each flavor. The design plays a big role in how you perceive this soda. It is crucial it looks like it is worth the price. I mean, try selling a bottle of Mountain Dew for $19 a 12 pack. I think this design is successful. It looks simple, refreshing and expensive. What to you guys think? Classy or pretentious?

Another interesting point. When I found this soda on Wednesday the design was the picture above, but when I went to find the link again to post this they had change the design. I personally prefer the old design. I think it fits better with the classy aura they are trying to give off. I think the new design feels too young to be suggesting alcohol pairings. Check it out the link and let me know what you think.

Here’s another one: Izze. I think they are an excellent example of all around design. They have a wide variety of packaging, bottles, cans, cartons, etc. and all of them are consistent and excellently designed. This is a great company to

look at for ideas of how to implement a cohesive look in every part of a brand. This picture just has just a few examples, check out the website for more.


  1. PS. The link to the Dry website got broken, so you'll have to copy and past it. Sorry about that!

  2. I agree that the old design for Dry Soda worked a lot better for the more sophisticated feel they wanted. when I think of alcoholic drinks I always imagine a simple, clean design and while the newer logo is still fairly simple, like Anna Carol said, it feels too young for what they were trying to accomplish.

  3. I think the new designs are kind of fun for Dry Soda. Each flavor has a different color, just like the old design, but they also have unique pictures. "Lemongrass" has a picture of grass, "Blood Orange" has oranges on it. It's kind of fun. But, as was mentioned, it's probably too fun for the look they're going for. I don't know of many people who would want to pick up the pink flowery design of the "rhubarb" soda along with "tito's handmade vodka" or the tequila that some of their recipies call for.

  4. It's funny you posted on the Izze. Pitney and I were just discussing this on Wednesday night prior to our preliminary sketches. We both agreed that the descriptive logo was perfect because it worked for all of its fruity flavors. The other bottle for Dry was pretty. I think visually it's eye catching but I am not sue about their approach for pairing it with other things. Its an odd concept for soda; I have never even though about pairing sodas with special food groups. Regardless the bottle seems to fit their target area and comes off expensively wonderful.

  5. oh my goodness! this is so great that you posted on izze. for some reason I can always remember their logo, but never their name. I think it is the coolest logo ever! First of all, it is colorful, but not overdone. It uses a couple different shades in one color (eg. dark green, light green) and white as type color. You don't usually see white as type color and it just stands out on the colorful background. Secondly, the design, its just a simple little flower symbol inside a circle, but it looks like a cut piece of fruit and it makes you thirsty just looking at it. Their packaging is beautiful! I love how the logo is off-centered on the box and they use a neutral grey combined with the bright red and purpley colors to balance it out. Again, it doesn't clash because they have used balance with darks, lights, and keeping the use of color to a minimum so your eyes aren't straining looking at a billion different colors. So simplistic, so well thought-through. I literally love it!

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  7. I am unsure what to think about Dry Soda at the moment. I do like the name, its different, catchy, and makes you think about it twice, and leaves you wondering what "dry soda" tastes like. I do like the old bottle design better. It is much more classy. But, I suppose that depends on who they are targeting. Maybe the classy gig wasn't panning out for them.

    The thing I can't get over is the flavors. It definitely grabs my attention, but only because they are ridiculous! I don't think I would try any of these drinks, or give a thought of it. Lemongrass....I mean, really? Maybe I'm too old fashioned or less than adventurous, but, not thanks. I do like the old design though; simple, colorful, and different. I can't think of another that has a design like this.

    Izze: I like it. Not sure about the name, but doesn't turn me off. I really like the design(s). The logo is simple and fun. The thing I like most about it is how interchangeable it is. Each flavor has a different color scheme, they found colors that compliment each other for each flavor, but the logo is completely recognizable and the same. Something that is so versatile is a good design, in my opinion. The picture of the bottles in the middle of the website is a very neat idea, with the sliced apple, orange peel...etc. I might buy that because of the bottle itself, dump out the soda (of course I'd try it first) (unlike Dry Soda). The cans change colors themselves instead of the logo, and I like that too. Again, the logo holds them all together so you have a fun palette, yet solid identity. Excellent!

    PS. I also like how they are all "Sparkling." Not sure thats a seller, but why not throw it in for kicks and giggles?

  8. I think that the new design on its own is pretty good, but compare to the old design comes up lacking.
    I do like the concept behind older Dry soda branding, not only were they evoking the comparison to alcoholic beverages, but you get a wonderful sense of disjunction. When I read the soda was “dry” it made me thirsty, and inversely I actually desired the soda more.

    The IZZE logo seems very clean and well designed. The ability to change the color of the IZZE logo to mach the beverage flavor that is being served shows that it is very versatile. Having variation, yet a solid consistency within their logo really helps sell the soda.