Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anna Rose’s Post

The FIFA World Cup has been around for many decades. The first logo was done in 1966 when the World Cup was held in England. Since then our technology has improved immensely allowing us to create better designs and logos.
The logo for FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa is a very nice solution for the problem of incorporating everything that represented the world cup for this year. I really love this logo because I think it captures the essence of soccer and the good-hearted and spirited nature of South Africa.
I believe the typeface chosen for this logo suits it very well. It has a very humanist feel to it and just has a really fun look to it, which goes well with the spirit of soccer.
The colors in the background of the logo actually are in the shape of South Africa (I didn’t notice this until recently).  I love how they incorporated the country but without stamping in on there. Also the colors in the background represent all the colors of the teams participating in the World Cup.
The interesting small icon in the top right corner is actually and abstract of the World Cup Trophy. Im not so sure if the that was the best placing for the icon of the trophy, especially since there the soccer ball is right next it, but it still works.
The figure kicking the ball is doing a bicycle kick. This kick was made famous by soccer legend Pele who played for the Brazil team and won 3 World Cups.
I think this is a really great logo. This logo is a very symbolic design, yet remains simplistic. It gets the point across well, and draws in the viewer. It’s not only fun and colorful, but it really incorporates the important information about the World Cup as well as capturing the essence of soccer in South Africa.


  1. I've always been a fan of colors, lines, and shapes, which is all included in this. It makes everything more fun. The only downside is that such a fun feel can make the organization look less legit. But, world cup logos have always tended to be colorful and fun, so I guess that's not really a problem.

    The one thing I can't seem to get over though is that it looks like the soccer player's knee is jacked up, popping out of its socket or something.

  2. I agree with emily about the knee being messed up. its all I can focus on. and I also dont like the abtracted trophy being where it is.. its like the player tried to kick it but just missed.

    I enjoy the lines being made into the shape of africa but if I hadnt been told I wouldnt have known. Im not crazy about there being colors on the soccer ball though, its a little too much for me.

  3. I actually really hated the design of this logo. Africa is such a recognizable continent and typically has strong imagery and bold it just looks like a bunch of colored shapes thrown together in the shape of africa. I think it could have been much stronger of an image if it weren't made up of a bunch of shapes, but was the actual shape of africa and then had the South African flag as the fill for that shape. Here, the logo contains all the basic colors of the South African flag, but isn't recognizable as the flag colors unless you really know what the flag looks like originally. I had to go look up if these colors were random or actually had significance and a logo should be clear and recognizable to everyone. Also, I don't like the figure kicking the soccer ball...he can still be abstract and not look like a sloppy drawn cartoon.