Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sara Talyor’s Post

While looking at the design of different foods, I came across Justin’s Nut Butter. There was a small paragraph explaining that the design company, asked to redesign their packaging, had written in their design brief that they wanted to combine the company’s “culinary, natural, and fun qualities.” I think the new packaging does just that. The simple picture of the nut on the front makes me think they’re proud of the ingredients and they aren’t going to put a lot of crap into their product. The “all natural” underneath the nut also helps us know they care about their butter, along with the fun qualities. It’s a nut on a jar. The label makes me laugh a little each time I look at it. The handdrawn typeface helps it to feel carefree and simple.

Redesigning the packaging, the company also wanted to “increase distribution in fine food outlets without jeopardizing existing sales at lower-price supermarkets,” and I can see this packaging working well in both markets. The clean nature of it fits with finer food places, while the fun nature and white background will help it fit in among the lower-priced places.

I’m including a picture of what the labels were before. I can see it working with the lower priced markets but the old label would have definitely hindered them
 in the nicer food outlets.


  1. I really like the white background. It gives the fun-looking nut plenty of room to be seen, while maintaining a crisp and clean look.
    Good job Justin's.

  2. This just makes me really happy. I love peanut butter and to bring it to the simplistic fun form of this design works really well. I personally enjoy the form of the bottle as well. Rectangles are always an abnormality to the usually cylindrical jars.

  3. this literally made me hungry! i would buy this at a health food store just from one glance at it...the designer really knew how to get to nut lovers haha. the dripping peanut, almond, and hazelnut butter makes me drool a little. it gives the idea that this product is going to melt in your mouth with every bite

  4. I am really impressed, this logo succeeds at being extremely flexible at appealing to multiple markets. They have gone with a fun design that neither appears overwhelmingly expensive, or cheap. The design looks good, and has all of the indications of quality artwork, but it does not appear to be overworked.
    I think this package also works well in the organic market, but still looks delicious for those of use who don't care about the ingredients. I agree that this product really does succeed in reaching multiple markets.